The 2-Minute Rule for pet bird

"I learned that two birds are superior enterprise for one another, so they don't seem to be lonely." TA Teo Andy

The position of the cockatiel’s crest feathers can inform you its temper. Straight-up crest feathers can suggest the bird is startled or remarkably curious. A defensive cockatiel will hold its crest feathers flattened close its head, and it'd be especially pressured if What's more, it hisses.

"Hi, I've planned to keep a couple of cockatiels and breed them. This website page has specified me the very best information in maintaining cockatiels as my passion. "..." much more AS Audrey Scott

Have your bird(s) in the vicinity of a window (but in a roundabout way before one particular). You shouldn't have any sort of bird while in the basement or darkish place. This may lead to despair and behavioral issues including feather finding.

"My youthful son obtained plenty of information, as he was really keen on aquiring a cockatiel as his pet. Many thanks for all the data presented."..." more JP Janice Parks

A cockatiel needs a cage roomy enough to support multiple perches, toys, foodstuff bowls and possess an abundance of room to flap its wings without the need of hitting them against anything at all. A cage with a substantial door front is right since it causes it to be much easier to return a cockatiel to its cage, Specifically considering that cockatiels could be flighty birds.

To avoid your bird from hurting alone by traveling into ceiling supporters, very hot water within the kitchen area, Home windows, and many others., you should clip his wings. Request a skilled bird proprietor or veterinarian to demonstrate how To accomplish this prior to deciding to test it on your own.

Finding a toddler cockatiel who is just weaned is The perfect scenario because they modify quickly to new surroundings.

Most dog and cat veterinarians Really don't handle birds. Amongst those who treat/see birds, only a few are board-Licensed in avian medicine. But acquiring just one that is could make all the main difference in supporting a protracted, nutritious life for your personal bird.

When you very first carry the bird residence, leave it for a day to become accustomed to its natural environment. This also applies when going the cage to another Section of your house if It really is still fairly youthful.

It is really nice When the cage is not difficult to scrub. Many bird cages Have a very slide out tray and an very easily removable grate.

Be sure to go with a bird that matches get more info your identity and Life style. Then find out all you may about the sort of bird you are acquiring and its desires. Providing the right care will assure a long, satisfied lifestyle for your pet bird, and tons of satisfaction for you.

If your Cockatiel is cage intense, as an alternative to putting your hand into the cage teach it to step up onto a adhere or perch. Like that, you might have it phase up on to the perch when you need to eliminate it from its cage.

We brought home another cockatiel. The pet store owner get more info was positive he was a boy, depending on shape of pelvis, and we named him Axel. Now it appears Axel is a girl, and she or he and Angus are...properly, it seems They can be mating. In the beginning I assumed it was some kind of combat, but then i did somewhat analysis, and both their conduct matches bird care what boy & Lady cockatiels do in the course of courtship.

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